Wednesday, February 27

who needs twill?

i have 20 yards of fine chocolate brown cotton twill i'd like to swap or sell for $3/yard. i bought it last year thinking i'd redo my sofa with it, but have since decided i want off-white linen and more importantly a new sofa altogether with. any takers? email me at erinjoynicholson at gmail dot com.

also, i have 3 moroccan poufs and 4 hand woven berber cactus silk carpets i need to photograph and add to my shop. i'll post photos here first to see if anyone wants to call dibs. my mum brought them back from her trip last month and the last thing she needs is more rugs!

spring things

those of you who are from vancouver and/or who went to the university of british columbia (i'm 2 for 2) know all about the 1 day music festival piss up that is (or rather was) arts county fair. on the last day of classes for the past 16 years thousands of students attended the on-campus concert where they got drunk and behaved very, very badly. so badly in fact that it's amazing the festival went on for as long as it did. this year some changes have been made. the new slightly better mannered answer to arts county fair is this years first ever ams block party. i was asked to brand the event and had a lot of fun with watercolours and ink, and was clearly inspired by steven harrington and ashley g's bearded men. the best thing about rebranding this event was getting to say goodbye to the ACF yellow and purple. check out the site i built here:

in other news, i've decided to help usher in spring by putting all the bunnies in my shop on sale for the next couple of weeks. doesn't someone you know need a bunny?

i have to just randomly bring up the christmas tree again... i know, it's been months and i have to get over it but one more reason to not ever get a potted tree again... bugs. specifically weevils. enough said.

Tuesday, February 26

my boyfriend is magic

it was our 7 year anniversary on saturday and over a nice dinner at a very nice restaurant hans pulled out a ring box and said "i have a gift for you." i opened it and my jaw hit the floor. i honestly thought going to the very nice restaurant was the gift, and it blew me away that he got me exactly the ring i'd been coveting for an undisclosed, unhealthy length of time.

the best part of the night (other than the shiny, shiny ring) was that everyone in the restaurant thought he'd proposed and people were congratulating us and giving him high fives and his face could not have been redder. it was SO FUNNY. poor hans.

and then on sunday morning we got the news that we are the aunt and uncle of a beautiful little niece who i plan to spoil completely rotten.

best. weekend. ever.

Tuesday, February 12


scott accusingly points at rob

for the past few years i've worked with 2 good friends, scott and rob. the gospel of paula speaketh the truth; like a rapping cat and a short, crazy cheerleader, scott and rob are as opposite as they come. but they're both stubborn band geeks and so it works. they started up the record label i've worked with because in the months surrounding the release of their last album their labels imploded, or simply disappeared as was the case with their japanese imprint. so they turned doing it themselves into a business, but the ironic consequence was that they found no time to make music themselves. they finally figured that one out and got their priorities sorted and have started making music again.

every month for the next year the salteens will make 2 songs available through their web site, it's like a 7" with an a-side and a b-side, and you get cover art (courtesy of my friend sasha) to boot. and it's free! you should go download yourself some power pop right now. or you can listen to the "a-side" here: