Tuesday, August 23

spaghetti squash

i made spaghetti squash for the first time tonight. it was delicious and i ate a ton of it and now i feel a little squashed-out. everything tastes so squashy...

you know those words that you say or type and then sit and think about for a while because they just seem really wrong? squash is one of them. what an odd word.

scott does this thing in the office where he will say a random word and then i'll tell a story about it and i know that it's one of the things he does to make fun of me, and me knowing that is all part of the joke, but i really love it because i'm a huge fan of stream of consciousness and self-deprecation. hence that run-on sentence. anyway, now i have a story about squash to go with my story about cantaloup. seriously, ask me about cantaloup sometime.