Wednesday, January 30

the new cat power site is live!

we just launched the cat power site this morning! yay! how lucky am i to get work like this? the cool thing about this site is that matador has teamed up with the hype machine to create a streaming audio player that will feature exclusive, unreleased songs with comments from chan about each one. that will come in the next week or so, but for now you can stream the whole album.

and now back to work with me.

Wednesday, January 23

busy busy busy

what a busy month it's been... so, so busy! but busy good and busy exciting. the most exciting thing is that i'm almost finished the new cat power site. that's right, i'm designing the new cat power site! i also got to do the banner ads. fancy! the best thing about the new cat power site is the over-the-top use of animated gifs. that's right, the new cat power site is covered in animated gifs. i'll bet you can't wait to see it now!

over the holidays i made some little springtime bunnies and i just added them to my etsy shop. i'm getting ready to get packed up for another trip to my family's place on vancouver island and i figured i'd better get these bunnies up in the shop before i leave. my mum says there are sea otters all over the place lately and that one even dragged a flounder or sole onto the lawn where it tore the thing apart and hissed at onlookers. i really, really hope i see an otter!

what else... it was my birthday yesterday! i had some really great dinners out with friends and family over the weekend. i got the most unbelievably beautiful, over the top decadent french copper mixing bowl from hans' family. i love, love it and would never have splurged on one for myself. my sort of sister in law remembered me saying exactly that when we were at the gourmet warehouse together over the summer. she's the best, right? this bowl is begging for meringue.

Saturday, January 12

i still hate you 3-notes

i haven't written for weeks and it's really only because i'm very very busy. this post is really just an outlet for me to vent about my least favourite neighbour, 3-notes. back in november when i first wrote about 3-notes some of you responded with tales of far worse neighbours than mine, but i went to the building manager (for the umpteenth time) anyway and asked him to speak with the aspiring synth-play. miraculously 3-notes actualy stopped this time, or maybe just started wearing headphones. regardless, he really stopped playing his repetitive bassy music that i might like if only i were a glow-stick waving tooth-nasher (but alas, and alack i am not) and it was GLORIOUS! yay! it was like his christmas gift to me and it was perfect and i loved it. and then 2 hours ago he took my gift back and i was first sad, and then an hour later i was just angry. those are the first 2 steps in the bad neighbour grieving process which doesn't include denial because there's no denying how annoying bad neighbours can be. so i emailed the building manager again and will let you know what comes of it. maybe someday if you're lucky i'll tell you all about my other neighbour, juicebox.