Saturday, January 12

i still hate you 3-notes

i haven't written for weeks and it's really only because i'm very very busy. this post is really just an outlet for me to vent about my least favourite neighbour, 3-notes. back in november when i first wrote about 3-notes some of you responded with tales of far worse neighbours than mine, but i went to the building manager (for the umpteenth time) anyway and asked him to speak with the aspiring synth-play. miraculously 3-notes actualy stopped this time, or maybe just started wearing headphones. regardless, he really stopped playing his repetitive bassy music that i might like if only i were a glow-stick waving tooth-nasher (but alas, and alack i am not) and it was GLORIOUS! yay! it was like his christmas gift to me and it was perfect and i loved it. and then 2 hours ago he took my gift back and i was first sad, and then an hour later i was just angry. those are the first 2 steps in the bad neighbour grieving process which doesn't include denial because there's no denying how annoying bad neighbours can be. so i emailed the building manager again and will let you know what comes of it. maybe someday if you're lucky i'll tell you all about my other neighbour, juicebox.

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