Wednesday, September 19

fly away peter, fly away paul

i am just finishing up another little dachshund, and will post photos tomorrow. i plan to finish this one while watching the first episode of america's next top model, cycle 18. it's very exciting and something that will be made all the more enjoyable by a nice glass of red wine. since each of of these little creatures take so long to make, it's always exciting when they're done. that said, sometimes i wish that i could just whip one off really quickly as inspiration strikes.

i've seen ashley's little fern animals featured on decor8 before, but today's post was a nice reminder, especially since she has an etsy shop up and running now. you should definitely go check out her creations, which include funny little lions with crazy manes, and like so many other crafters this year, she has made some very sweet wire legged birdies. pictured above are fern animals, little birds, and ann wood.

i just looked at my ical and realized that the 21st century flea market is this sunday! i honestly didn't even know about it until a few months ago when i was looking at the flea market links over at sfgirlbybay, and i have been waiting for this weekend ever since. the timing couldn't be better, as evidenced by my very bare buffet and hutch pictured in the post below.


Freshly Found said...

Wow, your birds are beautiful. So delicate! You are talented!

erin said...

oh those aren't my birds! the credit for each bird is in paragraph below.

you should follow that link to ann wood's blog. she has done the most amazing series of wading marsh birds. they're incredible.

leslie said...

ooooh, the 21st century flea market is pretty good, if just a wee bit pricey. can't wait to hear your report on it!