Tuesday, October 2


garden rooms just posted about how to make peony scented linen spray, and it made me dig up this photo, and wonder "what is this peony?" peonies are one of my top 3 favourite flowers, and this is the best time of year to plant them. and in case you were wondering, tulips and freesias. last may, while in germany visiting hans' family, a guest brought over the most beautiful peonies i'd ever seen. this photo doesn't do them justice at all. they were luminous, and delicate, and looked like a sunset.

since peonies are my mum's favourite too, one of these would be such a nice gift, so i did some digging and it looks like coral sunset. americans can buy them here, and canadians can buy them from this quebec-based nursery. peonies make me wish to someday have a huge, deer-free garden.

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robyn said...

Thanks for the mention Erin :) Love your photograph of peonies, beautiful...