Thursday, October 4

spilt milk and sparrows

over the summer my friend natalie, along with her neighbour lindsay, came up with the idea of making baby clothes they'd wear themselves if they were only big enough. under the name spilt milk, they silkscreen limited edition tees, tanks, and onesies, and sew and hand paint beautiful dresses using eco friendly fabrics. i love the twee little sparrow image on the tee above, and i also love their little pinafores which you can find through their etsy shop.

while on the subject of twee little sparrows, here are some bird-related songs, and an assortment of feathered etsy buys...

1. betsey walton / 2. nancy's view / 3. ashley g / 4. paper love / 5. geninne
6. cindy jaswal / 7. onegirl / 8. restless things / 9. fern animals
10. oh my cavalier / 11. littlest flower / 12. my folk lover

sparrow - "the quiet revelation" from the new pastoral

the boo radleys - "sparrow" from everything's alright forever

architecture in helsinki - "the owls go" from fingers crossed

the hylozoists - "red bird wishes" from la nouvelle gauche

josé gonzález - "sensing owls" from stay in the shade


ashley G said...

Wonderful post and blog!! Thank you so much for including me :)

Freshly Found said...

Thanks for popping in to my blog. I have enjoyed taking a look at yours. The bird print is delightful and is not unlike the bird shape I posted on my blog today!

Jessica said...


Your blog is quite lovely. You should stop by the new shiny squirrel boutique and check out some of the limited edition prints I have been Ashley Goldberg!

jackie said...

Hi Erin,
Thank you for including me. They all look perfect together.
Jackie xx