Thursday, October 25

woah is me

i have a recurring nightmare about losing all my teeth. they just get wobbly and loose and start falling out and i try to put them back into place but keep losing them, and no matter how tightly i try to keep my mouth shut, i can't keep them from falling out because since they're all wobbly, i can't actually bite down properly. i actually wake up in a cold sweat whenever i have this dream. i had a lot of orthodontic work done as a child. head gear, neck gear, you name it i had it. people say that this is a dream about losing control of your life, but i assure you that in my case it's all about losing my teeth.

a couple of weeks ago i noticed (after one of my tooth dreams) that my bite was a little off. because this was right after one of my tooth dreams i dismissed it. then a couple of days ago i decided to actually take a look, and i noticed that one of my 2 fillings was missing. the fact that i'm almost 29 and only have 2 fillings is something i'm strangely proud of. today i went in to have it replaced, and they found 2 more cavities. it was a bad start to the day. they even told me i could stand to floss better. did you know that daily flossing is not enough? you need to floss until it squeaks, or you're failing your mouth.

my dentist is just down the street from ikea so after the appointment as a pick me up i went to buy candles and things. as i pulled out of the parking lot i got a call from hans letting me know our hot water heater had burst. i got home to discover that all of our winter jackets and extra bedding (pillows and duvets included) were sopping wet. we won't have hot water until tomorrow sometime in the late afternoon. maybe while the plumber is here i'll go to visit the dry cleaner.

that was my day. now that it's gone 6 i think that i can pour myself a glass of red wine without feeling guilty for using alcohol as an unhealthy coping mechanism. tea can only get you so far. cheers!


leslie said...

boo, what a terrible thursday! hope the wine helped : )

robyn said...

Hope you're having a great weekend Erin :)

erin said...

the weekend is definitely going better. we have hot water again and don't have to live like pioneers! said...

I have this dream, too! It freaks me out, though I do think it's more about losing control of my life. :)

I hope your days got better since!

Cynthia said...

I have that same dream about twice a year - it's very disconcerting!