Monday, December 3

arctic front meet pineapple express

alba and lavender

this past weekend it snowed and snowed, and since we still haven't managed to have our snow tires put on i stayed in. i ventured out on saturday afternoon to drag the dog around the park. she's not a fan of the cold, and i actually had to get behind her and shove her along for part of the walk. there were footprints everywhere, but my favourite tracks were the ones left by the long haired miniature dachshunds: two sets of two paws followed by a dash left where their little tails drag behind as they hop along. dachshund tracks look like morse code in the snow.


the rest of the weekend was spent stitching and stuffing. i finished this little rabbit as part of a swap with hadley hutton. she's stuffed with soft roving and is made of merino, and hand dyed icelandic wool. i spun lavender and cream yarns together to create the mottled detailing on her smock.

it seems like hadley's been adding new work to her etsy shop everyday lately, and i love, love, love the spotted owls below:

new pieces from hadley hutton:
spotted owl // two blue // butterfly, did you take my spots, asked little bird

i also finished a camel for my mum over the snowy weekend. she collects camels. she collects a lot of things actually: baskets, kohl pots, opium pots, shadow puppets... mostly though, she collects camels. this one is made of super soft alpaca, and its little ruff collar is beaded. i'm thinking about adding little white or red french knots to make it look like a christmas wreath, but i'm still mulling over that one...

christmas camel

so i pretty well spent the entire weekend making stuff and staring out the window. i think that birds are always great to watch in the snow. there were a couple dozen crows on the railroad tracks pecking at things they found the the snow. i wonder if grain, jarred loose by the trains breaking and shunting, falls from the freight cars.

and then there were the pigeons, which took to the sky flying in formation like schools of fish every time the snow stopped.

pigeon flight

pigeon flight

i am randomly closing this post with the video to a terence trent d'arby song i was briefly obsessed with as a child, before i moved on to the more important task of memorizing every word of paul simon's rhythm of the saints. please note the shoulder pads, and wicked dance moves.


leslie said...

oh my god, the camel is mind blowing! pure genius.

robyn said...

Erin~ I love your work, it's great! thanks for posting the owls too. :)

Brilliant Asylum said...

Clever little camel. You are quite the talent.

I too loved Rythym of the Saints. I remember listening to it back in middle school and imagining what it would be like to live in the rainforest. Then last month, I got to play it on my ipod while visiting Costa Rica. 15 years later it was worth the wait!

Whatever happened to TTD?

erin said...

rumour has it ttd went off his rocker, turned his back on the music industry and moved to italy. that doesn't seem so crazy to me though!

and thanks for your kind words about the camel. my mum was so, so happy that i might wind up making her camels for christmas every year from now on!

jack s said...

Lav -- as we call her -- has now been to Mexico with us. :)

teacherjulia said...

I would love to get the pattern for your camel! Is it something you created or can you point me to where I can find it?