Friday, November 9

lucky soul

at my friend frank's insistence i bought every lucky soul single and b-side through emusic a couple of days ago. i bought the 9 songs without ever having heard them before, but i'm glad i trusted in frank's good taste. he first became infatuated with lucky soul last spring, but subsequently fell in love as evidenced by his gushing post hailing their album the great unwanted as the best british debut of the year. sadly, their album is only available for purchase through itunes (boo), which is why i got only the singles and b-sides. nevermind whiskers on kittens and warm woolen mittens, i'll take motown and spector girls. and look how nicely they would coordinate with my trunkt finds below!

lucky soul - "add your light to mine, baby" from add your light to mine, baby

stream: lucky soul, the great unwanted
watch: lips are unhappy / my brittle heart / add your light to mine, baby


leslie said...

i'm sitting here. getting acquainted. with lucky soul. i keep expressing my need for new music. and then i stumbled upon your blog (via kate.) lucky soul indeed. indeed.

erin said...

thanks for stopping by! so do you like what you hear then?