Friday, November 9

i'm on trunkt!

1. moop / 2. colorado art studio / 3. elisa shere jewelry / 4. akasha / 5. inleaf / 6. anne maa designs / 7. heidi burton / 8. j d wolfe pottery / 9. raydel photography / 10. blissful / 11. lurearts / 12. hadley hutton

seeing as i have crippling wrist pain today i shouldn't be typing this, but i had to write this little note to say that i've been accepted as a member of trunkt! as you can see from the images above, i'm in some pretty amazingly talented company. if you sign up as a reader at, and create a wishlist before november 15th you might be the winner of a shiny shiny $500 trunkt shopping spree, so go do that!

but back to my wrists, the weird thing is that the left one hurts more than the right (the mouser). any suggestions other than ibuprofen? i know you're supposed to stretch and strengthen, blah blah blah, but that's easier said than done when stretching and strengthening only aggravate the problem further! oh well. i will just drink tea and wait the pain away.


Anne said...

Thanks for including my work in your beautiful collage. Congrats on getting in Trunkt.

Try Aleve for your wrist. I have this problem with my mouse hand when I edit for long hours on a new collection.

Raydel said...

Thanks for including my "A bird in the hand..." Congrats on trunkt! I hope you feel better.

Pam McFadyen said...

Welcome to Trunkt! Congrats!