Wednesday, November 7

i read the news today, oh boy

toys that won't send your children to hospital:
1. squirrel pull toy by matsutaki / 2. elephant by tiny warbler / 3. peony le oobee by one girl
4. choco bunny by girl savage / 5. polly by hop skip jump / 6. felt play food by katie made goods
7. kokeshi doll by run amok / 8. alba the bunny by squirrel of snooze / 9. perry the penguin by cynic the lamb

i leave CBC newsworld on in the background while i work, and the headlines today have been fantastic. first off, that tetrapod girl survived having her parasitic vestigial twin limbs removed after a surgery that took a full day less than anticipated. when i'd first heard about the story i couldn't imagine putting my child through a 48 hour surgery that had a 75% chance of mortality. can you imagine being born with 8 limbs in india of all places? her neighbouring villagers actually believed she was the reincarnated deity of wealth, but strangely were still hoping to sell her to the circus. hopefully this little girl will have a chance at a normal life now. isn't it amazing what modern medicine is capable of?

next up, the canadian dollar hit $1.10 USD today. that's nuts! should i believe the projections that it will go as high as $1.25 and get my paypal money out while i can, or should i leave it in hock until it eventually comes back down? i might have to wait until bush leaves the white house for that to happen. what a drag!

but the real story that blew me away is just one more compelling reason to buy handmade this christmas. i didn't think it would be possible to trump leaded paint in toys, but china managed to do it! aqua dots (or bindeez in australia) have been pulled off the market after being found to contain GHB. that's right, china is trying to date rape the children of the world. so this holiday season, buy handmade, because when you buy from a crafter you get linen and merino, not heavy metals and hallucinogens.


Kate said...

Awww...thanks so much for including Choco Bunny with the rest of these cuties!

Katie said...

erin, your blog is beautiful! my squirrel pull toy is totally happy to be here.

and, sheesh, GHB in the aqua dots? i knew there was a reason i refused to buy those things.

handmade rules!

PS LOVE your dachshund and pug. so cute!

kate said...

hi erin,
thanks again for posting my wee elephant. i'm honored to be in such fine company!

hey- how crazy is it that all of the comments are by 'kate's'???!!

and that pug is adorable! so talented!

erin said...

what are the odds? you three are the crafty kate trifecta!

Funky Finds said...

just found your work today thru the etsy craft pool on your wonderful creations!

fiona said...

Thankyou for including one of my dolls with all of these gorgeous handmade things. :)

Your work is so beautiful - the pug is amazing!

Anonymous said...

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