Tuesday, February 26

my boyfriend is magic

it was our 7 year anniversary on saturday and over a nice dinner at a very nice restaurant hans pulled out a ring box and said "i have a gift for you." i opened it and my jaw hit the floor. i honestly thought going to the very nice restaurant was the gift, and it blew me away that he got me exactly the ring i'd been coveting for an undisclosed, unhealthy length of time.

the best part of the night (other than the shiny, shiny ring) was that everyone in the restaurant thought he'd proposed and people were congratulating us and giving him high fives and his face could not have been redder. it was SO FUNNY. poor hans.

and then on sunday morning we got the news that we are the aunt and uncle of a beautiful little niece who i plan to spoil completely rotten.

best. weekend. ever.

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kate said...

your ring is beautiful!!!! what a perfect weekend you had. anniversary, dinner, ring, baby. perfect. i'm happy for you!
(and your work for the ams is amazing! it looks super)