Wednesday, February 27

spring things

those of you who are from vancouver and/or who went to the university of british columbia (i'm 2 for 2) know all about the 1 day music festival piss up that is (or rather was) arts county fair. on the last day of classes for the past 16 years thousands of students attended the on-campus concert where they got drunk and behaved very, very badly. so badly in fact that it's amazing the festival went on for as long as it did. this year some changes have been made. the new slightly better mannered answer to arts county fair is this years first ever ams block party. i was asked to brand the event and had a lot of fun with watercolours and ink, and was clearly inspired by steven harrington and ashley g's bearded men. the best thing about rebranding this event was getting to say goodbye to the ACF yellow and purple. check out the site i built here:

in other news, i've decided to help usher in spring by putting all the bunnies in my shop on sale for the next couple of weeks. doesn't someone you know need a bunny?

i have to just randomly bring up the christmas tree again... i know, it's been months and i have to get over it but one more reason to not ever get a potted tree again... bugs. specifically weevils. enough said.

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