Friday, April 4


i've decided to finally bite the bullet and migrate squirrel of snooze over to wordpress. i've used wordpress on a bunch of the site's i've designed and i love it. now that the lastest, amazing version has been released i don't want to put it off any longer. the timing could be better because i'm hacking my lungs out and am still partially brain dead.

in other news, i did manage to cut out the rest of the pieces for my first animal without drawing any more blood. i came close though! i really, truly injure myself almost daily. remember when you were little and you'd stub your toes and scrape your knees and fall and get bruised, but bounce right back up again? amazing how getting older and having a higher centre of gravity changes things, isn't it?

so... back to the great migration for me. see you tomorrow, maybe on the new set up?

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