Thursday, April 3

fear of failure

i am definitely feeling better today. my throat is still sore, and i'm coughing a lot, but i'm much less brain dead. for example, had i attempted to type "brain dead" yesterday it would have come out as "bread". nothing i tried to write made any sense unless re-read and revised 3-4 times. good thing i had no work emergencies and was able to spend my day reading and half-watching daytime television while crocheting a very fat sheep.

the photo above is of the materials i've picked out for my first sewn (not crocheted) animal. it is entirely likely that you will never see said animal because it might wind up a sad, botched creation. but i love the fabrics i've chosen: camel and cream cotton velvets, a pink cotton chambrey, and violet linen. i've sat on a tall stack of fabric afraid of the sewing machine for too long... wish me luck.

update: still brain dead. just cut open the tip of my index finger with the rotary cutter thingy. my first attempt at sewing an animal has been cut short. ha. that pun was not intended. wish me a lot more luck than i clearly thought i needed.


leslie said...

hi there. i'm leslie. found you through tiny warbler. miss kate. i think. that was awhile ago. i love your creations. love them. and am waiting for the birth of my brother's baby. over there in vancouver. before i buy one. oh, it will be hard to choose. i am excited to see what you create with the velvet. so lovely.

erin said...

thank you ver much leslie. i'm glad you found me! i'm trying to make more things that are less girly, like the lion so hopefully there will be something for your soon to be niece or nephew.

beetlegirl said...

Have you thought about rendering your initial fabric beastie in cheap muslin first? I know it is so tempting to cut into the pretty fabrics, but if you are working with your own patterns, you will be happy you sacrificed some muslin to the first attempt.