Wednesday, April 2

sick day

jasper the lion

i am sick. i have a sore throat and what feels like a heavy weight on my chest. it could be worse and that's why i've decided to spend the day reading in bed, hoping that no one will need anything from me. last night i finished my first lion while watching american idol and hells kitchen. i had been sitting on this ball of gold and orange hand dyed icelandic wool for over a year, unsure what to do with it and convinced it would never be used. i had to learn a new stitch for the mane and tufted tail and am really happy with how he turned out. there's something very '70s scandinavian about him, don't you think?

back to bed with me. i'm reading the other boleyn girl. i always feel like a loser reading books that have been turned into movies after the movies have come out. it makes me feel like i'm the lowest common denominator. i'm so glad i read atonement and the time traveler's wife before they were optioned.

ps. can you believe that guy's food made gordon ramsey vomit? i don't think it was for dramatic effect either, because just the thought of having venison, raw quail egg, capers, white chocolate, caviar, and scallops in my mouth simultaneously is enough to give me the mouth sweats, too.

pss. remember how when E! and entertainment tonight and all those shows first started talking about the other boleyn girl they pronounced it "boleen"? how dumb was that?

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kate said...

jasper is adorable! i love him.
get lots of rest and feel better soon!