Wednesday, April 9

squirrel of snooze has moved

i decided to move from blogspot over to my own wordpress set-up, so from now you can find me at

Saturday, April 5


i'm almost done getting the blog set up with wordpress. progress has been hampered by the combination of benelyn chest/cough/congestion formula and coffee. i imagine that this is what ADHD feels like.

Friday, April 4


i've decided to finally bite the bullet and migrate squirrel of snooze over to wordpress. i've used wordpress on a bunch of the site's i've designed and i love it. now that the lastest, amazing version has been released i don't want to put it off any longer. the timing could be better because i'm hacking my lungs out and am still partially brain dead.

in other news, i did manage to cut out the rest of the pieces for my first animal without drawing any more blood. i came close though! i really, truly injure myself almost daily. remember when you were little and you'd stub your toes and scrape your knees and fall and get bruised, but bounce right back up again? amazing how getting older and having a higher centre of gravity changes things, isn't it?

so... back to the great migration for me. see you tomorrow, maybe on the new set up?

Thursday, April 3

fear of failure

i am definitely feeling better today. my throat is still sore, and i'm coughing a lot, but i'm much less brain dead. for example, had i attempted to type "brain dead" yesterday it would have come out as "bread". nothing i tried to write made any sense unless re-read and revised 3-4 times. good thing i had no work emergencies and was able to spend my day reading and half-watching daytime television while crocheting a very fat sheep.

the photo above is of the materials i've picked out for my first sewn (not crocheted) animal. it is entirely likely that you will never see said animal because it might wind up a sad, botched creation. but i love the fabrics i've chosen: camel and cream cotton velvets, a pink cotton chambrey, and violet linen. i've sat on a tall stack of fabric afraid of the sewing machine for too long... wish me luck.

update: still brain dead. just cut open the tip of my index finger with the rotary cutter thingy. my first attempt at sewing an animal has been cut short. ha. that pun was not intended. wish me a lot more luck than i clearly thought i needed.

Wednesday, April 2

sick day

jasper the lion

i am sick. i have a sore throat and what feels like a heavy weight on my chest. it could be worse and that's why i've decided to spend the day reading in bed, hoping that no one will need anything from me. last night i finished my first lion while watching american idol and hells kitchen. i had been sitting on this ball of gold and orange hand dyed icelandic wool for over a year, unsure what to do with it and convinced it would never be used. i had to learn a new stitch for the mane and tufted tail and am really happy with how he turned out. there's something very '70s scandinavian about him, don't you think?

back to bed with me. i'm reading the other boleyn girl. i always feel like a loser reading books that have been turned into movies after the movies have come out. it makes me feel like i'm the lowest common denominator. i'm so glad i read atonement and the time traveler's wife before they were optioned.

ps. can you believe that guy's food made gordon ramsey vomit? i don't think it was for dramatic effect either, because just the thought of having venison, raw quail egg, capers, white chocolate, caviar, and scallops in my mouth simultaneously is enough to give me the mouth sweats, too.

pss. remember how when E! and entertainment tonight and all those shows first started talking about the other boleyn girl they pronounced it "boleen"? how dumb was that?

Tuesday, April 1

tea party daydreams

clockwise from left: creamer and sugar / cake stand / dessert plate

i love the simple and understated yet altogether original pieces created by ceramic artist whitney smith. her vases, bowls, and other creations would look equally amazing in a modern home as they would in a country cottage.

etsy is currently featuring an interview with whitney promoting her shop. i have been dreaming of the perfect tea party featuring her dogwood cake stand, creamer and sugar, and dessert plates in white. one day maybe she'll make a white dogwood tea pot. i've planted that seed in whitney's head and might have to annoyingly suggest it over and over again until she finally gives in.

you can read all about whitney's creative process and the trials and tribulations of setting up a wholesale business on her blog, this artist's life. but fist you have to see how beautiful her creamy vanilla dogwood flowers look on this vintage green. it's enough to make me give up my obsession with white ceramics.